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We like the varieties we can find, and with the different Click-eez, the girls can stack, mix and match to meet the style they are aiming for. Making them a jewelry accessory that is not only a must have for this years back to school shopping with the girls, but also a accessory collection that the girls can collect and exchange with one another! So this back to school season, as you head out to cover all of those items on the kids lists, be sure to get the Click-eez bracelets for your girls


"If you’re looking for some awesome new and creative jewelry for your girls, you have to check out click-ezz! With 10 collections available you can mix, match, and stack them however you like to find the style that best describes your child’s vibrant & creative personality.




For the holidays, I am definitely getting my daughter more of these and will put them in her stocking. She loves them and loves browsing the book that we were sent, with all of the fun collections in it!




One of the things I remember most about being in middle school is all of the cool kid stuff that was out. I mean, I couldn’t have enough cheap plastic jewelry, fake finger nails, or Clueless-esque fuzzy pens. Years later, one thing that remains is that middle schoolers STILL have some pretty cool school stuff. Check out these 20 picks for the cool middle schooler in your life...


We received our own pack of Click-eez to try out.DIVA got Lots Of Love Collection and without sounding clique, she loved them! She keeps looking through the mini-catalog and picking out more sets she wants to get and share. She has been wearing them and remixing them every day.You can even see them on her while we went shopping.

If you have a tween, let me warn you now that these are going to be a huge hit! And if you get your daughter her own Click-eez now, you might hear "your the best mom ever." Or enter below for your chance to win your own set.